Nette Technologies
The future is unchained.

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Nette Technologies is a Baltimore-based tech start-up company that is focused on revolutionizing the way research and development is conducted. Although there are many products on the market that suit the needs of scientists, all are lacking in one or more areas. Nette Technologies focuses on creating complete, efficient, and streamlined tools that can be used to perfect the work done at the bench.

The founder and CEO of Nette Technologies is Chanda M. Lowrance, a graduate student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Chanda is pursuing a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry, in addition to growing Nette Technologies.

As a chemist, Chanda has a unique perspective of the needs of scientists and engineers. Additionally, her background as a woman from an underrepresented, atypical background has provided her with the grit and insight needed to create a company that will revolutionize research and development.



Current Goals

We are currently looking for passionate coders who are interested in expanding their portfolio.

We are also looking for early-stage investors that fund startups that are interested in funding start-up companies that are in the early stages of development.